Scott 'Sven' Johnson

I'm trained as an architect, and that makes my art techniques a little unusual. First, I never learned to paint, only to draw, and even then, I consider my color skills relatively weak. Second, I do studies and preliminary layouts using layers of tracing paper, making changes on subsequent layers, like architects do when designing a building on a drafting table. Once I get the drawing how I like it, I transfer it to some type of paper that works for rendering. I prefer art where something is going on in the picture, or where we are looking at the aftermath of something. I’m especially fond of Elmore’s 'Dragonslayers – and Proud of It,' and Easley’s 'With This Ring.' I think the characters should be feeling some emotion, though I wish I was better at portraying it. I also think symbolism enhances the drawing. Even when the symbols aren’t explicitly understood by the viewer, I think they help reinforce a mood by having a subconscious effect. That’s probably a reflection of my architectural training, too. Please leave comments and advice as you view my work; it's far from perfect and I always want to know things I need to work on. So if you think a character is ill-proportioned, the composition is too static, things line up or overlap in a confusing way, the symbolism is cheesy, or see something else that doesn't seem quite right, please let me know.