Hello and welcome to my gallery!This gallery houses most of my fan art for Anne Rice's 'The Vampire Chronicles'. Most of these images are pretty old. For my more up-to-date work, see  deviantART or PaperDemon.A warning to visitors here: Some of the images in this gallery could be considered SPOILERS for those readers who haven't gotten to certain Vampire Chronicles books yet.There are also some scenes that include ARTISTIC NUDITY and possibly some ADULT SITUATIONS on display in my gallery. You will see the thumbnail, and I think that is fair warning. Don't look if you don't like! If you can't handle same-sex content, I strongly suggest that you don't look at any of the sexier stuff. I will laugh at you if you comment with offensive or hateful messages.I try to return comments when I can, but I cannot promise to be on-time about it because I don't check my Elfwood galleries as often as I used to.I am sorry, but I cannot take requests. I do take commissions though. Thank you for visiting! ^^ Favourite movies Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek, X-Files, Labyrinth, The Dark Crystal Favourite books A Song of Ice and Fire, Fullmetal Alchemist, Hellsing, Death Note