Dawn Rivers

Name: Dawn Rivers Age:15 grade:10 Um, I have more and better info on my fantasy art page. hehe Either way, enjoy what you see.

The armor of Laurus(5-8 unfinished)

continuation from chapter 4: Dawn and Fexar after fleeing from Somerset have now found themselves in the free counrty of En-dal, along with the third shard holder who is the young king Rowyn. But upon this meeting and the true departure into their journey, the company finds that this quest is no longer a simple adventure as series of misfortunes and confusion befall them.

The Armor of Laurus (1-4)

One hundred Years ago, the continant of Ceres allied in a battle to keep their lands free from brutal war-lords who ravaged the lands of men, elves, mages and mysterious beasts of the region under the blood-thirsty reign Syth, the demon king. As each race fell and fear replaced all hope; one young but powerful mage decided to take on the demon king by forging an immortal armor blessed with the power of the six elements. He defeated Syth's powerful, but mortal body only to realize the danger of his everlasting protection through the demons last words. So in order to keep safe his armor, and to keep the demons from possibly using it he split the bound elements into six shards, one for his own keeping, and five others for the leaders of the allied kingdoms. Then taking and hiding the inactive armor deep within his homelands... ...It is the present day in Ceres, and young elven girl with a tragic past learns of her connection to the now legendary mage, and the impending threat of Syth's return for Laurus' armor. Can she find the shards, the leaders, and the armor before the demon king and his minions? Follow Dawn and her companions through the whimsical regions of Ceres, in a journey for truth and justice through love, hope,trust and of all things self Perseverance.