Megan McFadden

. Hey guys! .......well this is odd. oaky, so my name's Megan, (duh) and i used to draw. Used to, you question? well, yeah. See, drawing was a stress relief in a time of my life that sucked, and during that time I made this account. PLEASE don't think of me as one of those artists who abandon their accounts! I still draw on the odd occasion, but not as much as I used to. But luckily, I still ahve my old sketchbooks, and was flipping through them the other day. And I thought to myself, "Hmmmm, I should really update my Elfwood account!" So here I am. And I do plan on updating with some of my older don't hate me!!! *cowers from friends and fans* PWEEEASE? Well aren't I just so mature. Anyway, I want to thank all the people who are still here and lovin my art. *massive hug* THANK YOU! SO MUCH! It feels so good to have art friends still! I love you all so much! Okay, so a little bit about me.....I HATE HOMEWORK. I love (LOVE.) Harry Potter. I hate Twilight, and love HP fan art the most. I'm a dramione and quirrelmort shpper, because I love AVPM. WITH A BURNING PASSION, PEOPLE! fav season is fall, and.........I play volleyball. Okay, well.....bye! I like MLIA, AVPM and AVPS and really, I've become a starkid fan. I still like singing and reading though. AND STARSHIP! Favourite movies I have no idea, except maybe Narnia and the Nanny Favourite books the chronicales of narnia, Sirena, Madenline L'engle series, etc of the crazy sort HP ALL THE WAYYYY! and Anna and the french kiss and the botticelli secret! Favourite music i love any music thats not trashy and i sang by those amazing people with great. it doesnt fit into a category!!! regina spektor