I am revamping my Elfwood page. It has been too long since I've written anything, new or a rewrite. Hopefully I will have new stuff up within the next month or so.I am a Psychology major with a minor in Cognitive Science; I am an aspiring fantasy writer and hope to be published one day. I am addicted to bento. My favorite color is blue and my favorite flower is the sunflower. I tend towards random, sporatic thoughts and posts, and disappear from here frequently. I love talking to people, and would love any insight on old pieces still posted here.Browse around and tell me what you like; maybe I'll post more. I like anime, manga, tattoo art, dragons, unicorns, pegasi, and Carebears. Favourite movies Buffy the Vampire Slayer, LOTR, Dark Crystal, Much Ado About Nothing, Romeo & Juliet, The Last Unicorn Favourite books Anita Blake - Vampire Hunter, Meredith Genry - Fairy Princess, Kushiel's Legacy Favourite music PATD, Indigo Girls, Rise Against, Nickel Creek, Mayday Parade

Annie *

This has nothing to do with Annie Harrington. I wrote this a while ago, and the name was perfect. This story is a prime example of how a person's fear can overcome their sanity... and the universal consequences. This is also a spin off of Ripple, including Chaos, Order and Sandman. This story is dedicated to those who feel trapped in their own fear of everyday things and the monsters hiding in the dark recesses of their own minds... this is mine.

Blossoms of Fire *

This was the original 50th comment prize for Cecily Webster. The story has been edited and tweaked. Hope you all like it!

The Seer's Garden*

This is a short story, magic-related. :) I like it, simple as it is. UPDATED: I have edited.


All right, so I was inspired by my friend Naomi's story about a race of vampires modeled after snakes. So this is my first installment of my own story. It may not seem like much now, but this is just in relation to In Shades Of Amber. It's supposed to show you how Irri's head works... ^_~ It has more ... purpose. I really just liked writing the imagery in this one, though, so enjoy. (This is also one of her many comment prizes!)

Repeating Myself *

This was written with the permission of Saara-Elina Ropanen, inspired by her photomanipulation, Good/Evil. It has been edited (by myself and my good friend from school, Richard).