Michael Sleeseman

I am from michigan. I graduated from Central Michigan University some years ago with a BFA in drawing and painting, although I currently am not working in that field, I hope to make the huge student loans and all the coursework pay! I have been drawing since I was very young, and have always been a fan of fantasy art. My favorite artists are Henry Fuseli, Michelangelo, and Renoir. I have become an avid reader of Fantasy novels. My favorite writers are of course Tolkein, Jordan, Goodkind, and Brooks. In my art, I use almost any medium-from crayons to oil paints and airbrush, but for the most part I prefer a mechanical pencil and colored pencils or watercolor. If you get a chance visit my webpage, I don't advertise it anywhere but here really. I even do free character drawings for rpgs so click the link to my page!