Welcome to my gallery! Please, take your time. Look around!  Or I'll send a clan of ninjas to your house.I tend to mull over a sketch for some time. I post it here and work out a coloring method. I'm currently practicing my computer coloring technique on some non fantasy material.Gallery Update: Even though I don't get a lot of hits on my writing I have to inform everyone I will have to post my other writing projects elswhere because it's too mature for this site.  So if you're interested you'll have to visit DeviantArt and or Thanks!Life Update: (Jan 2009) I've had some very nice comments latley. As well as a few favorites!! Thank you everyone who has visited and left their support! P.S. Sorry, I don't do requests! I like Drawing naked men, reading fantasy novels, traveling, Asia - the people and cultures therein, cats, laughing out loud at something only I find funny, cooking, dragons, computers, PC Games, PS2, PS3. Favourite movies Hellboy 2, Iron Man, The Cell, Hellraiser 2, Predator 2, Farscape, NCIS Favourite books Anything written by Dennis McKeirnen Favourite music Dead Can Dance, Type O Negative, Ozzy Osbourne, Ali Ahkbar Khan, Carlos Nakai, Orgy, Prince, Twisted Sister, Deep Forest, S.H.E.