K. Michael

First of all - thank you for stopping by. And even more thanks if you leave a comment or two! My fan art gallery is small, but I hope to increase my submission to it soon. Life Update: I have my wacom tablet and Painter. Woo-hoo!! The tablet is a bit odd to use, but I'll get used to it. I wanted to say thank you to my recent gallery visistors. Your kind words and points of view are valuable to me. Thank you so much for stopping by and leaving a comment or two! This weekend I hope to sit down and visit your galleries to return the favor! Thanks!!! *hugs* *ATTENTION*: I have opted to only allow Elfwood users to comment on my work. Recently 'Anonymous' visitors have ripped through my gallery plastering my work with numerous negative comments with NO intention of discussing their negative opinions. I post my work here to SHARE and TALK about it with others. Not to be flamed by cowards too afraid to stand toe to toe with me. I feel that if someone wants to comment harshly they would be capable of actually confront the artist they're flaming. Just bring it.


Lust for Havoc

The story begins with desire. Eristock Ghendri, havoc demon, Lord of his tribe. Wants war... The time has come. This is the prologue to the Trugan story featured in my 'private gallery' site.

Shen: A Journey Begins

A classic begining. The hero, his steed and the open road. What will his travels bring? Amos Drisriak, a Kushadian Imperial Agent sets off on a journey he will not regret. This is something I wrote a long time ago. (High School) It's a prologue to a wonderful fantasy saga I call 'Shen'. Unfortunatley it becomes a fan fic the moment I describe the hero of the story. So I've put the saga on the backburner until I can adapt the hero to be an original character and not based off another. However, this prologue is very vague about our hero, Amos - so I felt like posting it to see if anyone likes what they read. ^_^