Sara Butcher Burrier

First of all thank you so much for coming and taking a look at my work.If you're interested in purchasing any of these images, please visit my shop at: My work reflects three important things that I so truly stand for....IMAGINATION, LOVE, and GOD. These are the three things I wish to sew into my paintings.  My work is a window to heaven, to God, to what is unseen but is there right next to you...your guardian angel. Although the work is fantasy and visually make believe, it's what you feel when presently looking or searching through here...I hope...that speaks the truth. There are many words to express how the work speaks to one or the other. Life is grand, and no matter how hard it becomes, its always a blessing to breathe and see the sun rise.  So no matter what your life is like know that it is beautiful, and full of imagination, fantasy, fairytales, love, and purpose.