Steve Melka

UPDATES 1-26-2009 - My fall from the face of elfwood is done. I find myself with truck loads of extra time, and it's been decided it's time to do something creative. Life's fed me crap...and it's time to turn it around. Introduction Welcome, and thank you for visiting my page! I am Steve. I write for fun, and have fun with it. So I hope you enjoy reading what I have done! Once again, thank you fro dropping by, and don't forget to leave a comment! Changes to come soon! Watch for my first new writing in a long time by the end of this week! Some friends I have here Marijke 'Eli' Mahieu - A good friend, and a excellent writer. Timothy Pontious - He'll throw strange things at ya one minute, then genius writings the next! Check out his little spot! I'm lookin for some more friendly people to read up on! Point me in the right directions people! My Stories The Beginnings - The beginning of Darkblade's tale. A rather large project in the works. Much more to come here. The Assassin - A short story broken into 3 parts about the assassin Nightwing that is completed. Forest of Amakiir - One of my oldest project from back when I first started getting into writing. Hopefully more to come here...Possibly even a rewrite of the first part thats up already...Very picky about this one I think. Another semi-long one if all goes according to plan (been known not to happen).

Truth of the Assassin

This is a mighty different 'story' than what i've put up here. It's about some assassin and the 'future' where the government runs an organization filled with assassins to eliminate any who they think oppose them

The Beginnings: Part 3 Intro

This is the first portion of the next part of the beginnings. I'm doing some heavy editing and that's why it's not complete for this first upload. (the original is quite old now and i'm a little more wise in my writing skills)

The Beginnings: The Lone One

Next Part of Darkblades tale...enjoy :)

Forest of Amakiir: Departure

This is the redone Forest of Amakiir beginning...I'll be doing more as time goes on.. very sorry about the extra spaces...really dont know why those are in there

The Beginnings: The Test

This is the tale that tells Darkblades life up until A Pack Shattered. This is just the beginning of many (and i do mean many). Hopefully it clears up DB's character for ya :)

The Assassins Caretaker

A follow up to Truth of the for the final one coming soon!

The True Asassin

The final part for Nightwing (and finally a completion for me! yay!) Enjoy.