Daniel Hunter

I have been through alot of strife and pain over the past 8 years, but like any pain the joy felt afterwards is profound and sweet. I feel better than I ever have in my life and my art flowing onto paper is proof of this statement. Ladies, you are my inspiration, leave me comments and make my day. Women are the reason I draw and sculpt.. period lol. I havent sculpted in 8 years but i recently started drawing again and I amĀ  happy with the results and I am going to send in a decent portfolio to an art school once Ive drawn enough to send. I am avoiding coloring my pieces, or even inking most of them for that matter, as I am really trying to flush out my sketching skill and learn action and scenery better. Enjoy my future drawings and may you all find your center as I have. One love my fellow artists. Be well. I like Women Favourite movies Lord of the Rings, Beowulf, Mr Show, IASIP, South Park/Simpsons. Favourite books LotR, WoT and the Drizzt storyline amongst others. Favourite music whatever sounds good at the time.