Stacey Bailey

 Blimey, time does fly doesn't it! It's been another 2 years (Oh my goodness!!) and I have quite a bit to upload. I'm getting very much into photography and photo-editing at the moment so a lot of my new stuff will be based around that - it's soo much fun! Hopefully I'll get myself a job in photography within the next year. I'm still drawing, though! So you will see some new stuff there too. I'm also still working with my lovely band, though we are currently based at home in Kent. A personal update - I've met a great guy and I'm very happy with my love life :D And he doesn't mind my craziness...woohoo!Hope everyone is ok. Missed you all! I can't honestly believe I've been a member on here since I was 14, and now I'm 22! It's insane. I miss being a kid SO much. I just make up for it by being a very nutty adult though, so it's all good....ha!Have a beautiful glittery day :D