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My RP character. Name: Saeja (she doesn't know her last name) Alias: Saeja Age: Looks 17/18. Acts 13 at times when emotional, serious she acts older. In reality, she's 115ish. Sex: Female Race: Mix-breed of wood/grey elf and high elf. Height: 5'7 Weight: 120lbs Weapon of Choice: Dual wielding a set of kukris. -Weapon: 1.) A pair of kukris. One sheathed on each hip. The hilt has leather straps tied around it and is black. The curved blade is a dark silverish grey color.. kind of like the picture. 2.) A slender bladed throwing dagger that she keeps in a boot sheath. Nothing special about it. A black hilt with silver topping. 3.) A dark brown short bow with silver tips and silver hand grip she keeps in her bag. Armour: See picture. She doesn't have much by way of armor. She's too stealthy and fit for close combat for that. Destictive features: The palms of her hands are covered in scars from trying to save her mom from fire. Personality: Very spunky and outgoing. She's a bit annoying and talkative. She'll pick a fight with even the biggest half-giant around with no fear. She acts childish because she's had no raising. She fears demons to the point that sometimes it makes her immobile, and other times she becomes like a machine. When she fights, she's like a machine. She doesn't like or want to kill at all. She steals to survive, nothing more or less. She loves shiny things. If love should cross her path, she'd have to grow up quickly. Alliance: Chaotic good/Chaotic neutral. Likes: Shiny things. Dislikes: Death, demons. Small History: Father and mother murdered by a demon clan that looked human, trying to protect her because the elves hated that she was a mix breed from her father and mother being opposite breeds of elf so they hired the demon clan. She's a runaway because after the murder the entire elf clan treated her like a blatant outcast. The story is very complex. She is a thief/rogue and part ranger. Ranger due to her mother. Thief/rogue due to the streets. She's not a petty thief. She just steals what she needs to survive. And she has an obsession with shiny things. She sells those shiny things for money.

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