Sarah Snyder

Hey! I'm Sarah, duh, and this is obviously my fanart page, where I torture my favorite characters. I'm probably not going to be updating this as much as my other page, since I try not to dwell on fanart so much, but I will do my best to give you quality stuff. So BE HAPPY!!! My favorite video games: Final Fantasy VII, VIII, IX, X, and X-2. Devil May Cry Drakan: The Ancient Gates Favorite books: Harry Potter Eragon DragonLance Favorite anime: Brigadoon Princess Mononoke Kodocha, or Kodomo no Omocha (I have only read the manga) Perfect Blue

Dance in Shadows : Prologue

I decided to finally write about my character Deandre, whom you can find in my Lothlorien gallery. I _think_ I will turn this into a full-flegded story. Deandre's been injured after a battle and passes out, waking up in an old friend's house.

Castles in the Sky

First chapter of my novel. Not much else to say... um... Well, it's the only chapter I'll be posting. That too.

Coming of the Wyrm

This is my first science fiction story. Yes, I do realize that it has many similarities to Reign of Fire. Call it an homage; it wasn't intentional. There's also a bit of Are You Afraid of the Dark? in there too. Again, homage. Anyway, I wrote this partly because I've never done science fiction before, and partly because I wanted to use a conspiracy theorist in my writing. Though, it didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Less conspriacy and more 'Holy crap!' Anyway, I offer my humble story for comments, criticisms, and whatever else may come.