James Wellenreiter

I have been away from Elfwood for for a short time. But was drawn back by all the great art and stories by the Members of Elfwood. I hope to find some old freinds and make some new ones.Well I'm not the worlds greatest speller and a two finger typer so keep that in mind please. I've been drawing as long as can remember, that would be 40 pluse  years (yes I did watch the first moon landing live on TV). Love to draw but I aiways seem to end up with a Sharpie pen in my hand, so I rarly do any thing in color. would like to try a full color painting, but can never find the time. In high school I got into RPG game called D&D (white box) and have been hooked on RPG games ever scense. Thats how I got hooked on fantasy and sci-fi art. I almost became an high school art teacher, but did not have the academics from colleag for it. So I've been drifting through life,taking it as it come.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   O.K. now how about some movie one liners.I'll start with some old ones for now, see if you know them.1. MUNCHIES AND CRUNCHIES2. SMELL,  SMELL BAD3. TIME TO FEED THE ALIEN =====      Dark Star4. IT'S ONLY A MODEL  ====             Monty Python And The Holy Grail5. DON'T PANIC6. NICE HAT7. YOU ARE THE END OF THE STROY8. VERY BAD, NOT GOOD, NOT GOOD9. WE NEED BIGGER GUNS =======             Splitsecond10. DON'T LET ME GO OUT11. GREAT SHOT===============              Star Wars12. WE'RE STILL FALLING ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Boris Vallejo, Frank Frazetta, Brothers Hildebrant, Leonardo Da Vinci, Rembrant,----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   Some times truth may be hidden by the many strangeling vines of lies.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                         Be safe have fun I like NWN1 tinker/inventer minaiture painting computer games scapegoat