Katagiri Tadanobu

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Raymond Soderlund

People have been curious about the faces in my 'Faces of Tsumeryujin' picture. I was playing around the original b/w image of this with a new art pad and was about to just stop when I decided I liked it enough to finish it. It's far from the best work, but it also enables me to talk a bit about the character. Born during the Year of the Ram of Air in the 3rd Shuki (the 199th year of the reign of the Tenmei Dynasty), Katagiri Tadanobu diligently served as a captain under the Arechi general, Nitta Yoshikawa. His life would most likely have been just a name on a roster were it not for the first oni invasion of Tsumeryujin in the 229th year of the Tenmei Dynasty. Like most of the samurai armies fielded in the early attempts to stop the demon hordes, his unit was decimated. He was one of only a score of men able to walk off the field alive (as some shambled off otherwise). Among his wounds was his left eye, and he used his broken wakizashi's guard as a patch. He became obsessed with vengeance and with his lord's family destroyed, he decided to remain ronin. Within a month, he gathered a few like minded individuals and sort the center of the oni invasion force. They came upon the demon in charge and eventually managed to slay it. The disruption of command gave the armies that remained a chance to launch a counter offensive the would push the demons and their ilk back into the sea. Having achieved his vengeance and knowing that what he had done would ensure the survival of the empire, Tadanobu collapsed and died. JomyƓ, the priest who had accompanied the group, said there was nothing that could be done, as he should've died from wounds received weeks earlier. Determination had allowed him to press onwards. Just my b/w work scanned in, slightly cleaned up, and then painted in PSP7.

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