Kathleen Dent

since i was a kid i have loved to draw and to start with i loved to draw horses, these developed into dragons and i carried on my skill from there. i rarely draw things like that now but occasionally i will. after a few years introduced to manga and games i grew a talent for drawing manga and now that is what i plan to do for my life. each of my pictures and characters has a background that links to a story that i have written. i like to create a feeling to my characters and an enviroment and most of all a personality. i would like to work with a games company and produce characters, no matter how small or complex i would like to make them with a much feeling as they deserve. what id like to achieve with my pictures is a curiosity as to who they are and what their story is.


Part 2 lucifer

part 2 of the lucifer story lucifer recives his punishment and tries to make up with Taroid.

Lucifer part 1

story of the training of the adopted son of the deamon prince to take over the throne and the responsibility of protecting the humans, a past relationship has drove his family away from him and only his uncle, the king accepts him for who he is.