Jessica Horst

You entered into a dark domain, suddenly uncertain.  Then as the feeling of panic rises to the edges of your mind, it happens.  Lights.  They come from the darkness, dots of brilliance that flicker and shudder like a candle's flame, slowly enhancing your surroundings until you can see the silhouette of a figure.  Then as if on cue, she approaches, her footfalls soft, her hips rolling as she walks.  Her hair is long and flowing.  You notice then, the extension past her arm, the glint of metal.  You hear then the creak of leather, and realize all at once that she is a warrior, and what she carries is her sword.  She is coming...she is coming for you.  So you had better comment on her artwork before she gets angry!  Ha ha ha! Anyhoo... I'm 24 now *gag*, married, with two step children.  Life's interesting to say the least.  If you want to see my photography, please visit my art gallery.  It's my husband's business, his clothing, just my pictures.  Look up and enjoy these great artists from elfwood as well: Thomas Horst (my husband), and Kim Wigdahl (my b-friend).