'Art is not a copy of the real world. One of the damn things is enough.' -- Anonymous (found by Nelson Goodman) Hi! I'm 30 years old, live in Germany and have loved drawing as long as I can think back. I cannot imagine living without it. :) I'm member of the German Elfwood Community Elfwood-d.  I accept commissions and do sell prints and other stuff, mostly through Ellen Million Graphics *hands digital thank-you-cookies over to Ellen* ^.^. Have a look at my homepage '' for more information.  Update September 2008: Well, let's get straight to the point: I am pregnant! While this is wonderful news for me and my whole family, I cannot really enjoy myself at the moment. I feel tired and sick all day and I lack inspiration and energy to do anything creative. I read in magazines and on webpages that this will get better after the first third of the pregnancy - and I definitely hope so. Until then: no new art to can be expected ...Update July 2007: I have an Deviant Art account since a while ! Just to let all you DA-fans know. Have fun! And leave some comments! ^.^