Sophia Hutchings

I almost forgot this place existed. Time to update with some newer art!The shameless advetisement remains- and so I call out to any artists who happen to wander by my little gallery and read this, who have some free time and don't mind doing requests. I am constantly on the lookout for artists to sketch creatures and characters from my stories, and unfortunatly can't pay, but if anyone is interested in having a go anyway, please get in contact. Thank you Before I go I'd like to give a TREMENDOUS thank you to all those artists listed below, as well as my neighbours Aivi and Jennifer for the fantastic pictures they've done for me. All these artists are very talented, and their galleries are well worth a look. Donald M. Phan Keiro Tsubana Brandi L. Giacchetta Lydia M. StaischEve ArchambaultRachael Mayo Logan Pickup And Helen J Haslam