Interested in everything around us. I love to write, especially when I can delve into my favourite topics - the mystical, metaphysical & paranormal.   Sometimes it is hard to get a story together so that it is readable. I often get stuck half-way missing either an ending or possibly a beginning. Nevertheless, I keep on writing down different ideas - "sometime I'll be able to use em' " hehe. For several years, I've been working on a time-line describing my own version of the future. I want to mix science-fiction with mysticism/horror. This is what I before have called "the Homeverse", or more recently the Baou Mythos. On this page, you can find some writings I've deemed ready enough for public display.   So much for my literary side. Unfortunately, I'm often too busy to sit down, gather inspiration and write. Feel free to write to me about anything. I especially appreciate all input on my writing - I want to keep improving!   Literary Influences (the order does not reflect importance)Horror / New WeirdLovecraft. China Miéville. Anne Rice. Susanna Clarke. Science FictionFrank Herbert. Richard K. Morgan. Larry Niven. Jerry Pournelle. Isaac Asimov. General FictionGeorge Orwell. Kurt Vonnegut. C. S. Lewis. William Blake. Different mythologies.     Favourite movies Bladerunner. Dark City. The Ninth Gate. Hotel Splendide. Fido. Skeleton Key. Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. Sweeney Todd - The Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Lost. Favourite books The Takeshi Kovacs-trilogy. All Bas-Lag novels (China Miéville). Dune (only the first book). Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell. Favourite music Metallica. Audioslave. Mustasch. Coldplay. Bo Kaspers Orkester. Draconian. Theatre of Tragedy. Covenant. Rotersand. Ministry of Sound. Hed Kandi.


A rebel/terrorist has been caught and convicted to 'slave'-labour on distant colonies. But who is actually closer to reality? A Homeverse story.

The Machine

This is a rather gloomy piece. It is an attempt to describe emotions, rather than the situation itself. It was inspiered by a dream I had. The English did not turn out to be super, since I wrote it first in Swedish and then translated it. I'll work on that.

Dark Man, The

A 'lyrical text'/poem describing a meeting with 'The Dark Man'. A mystical presence in the soul.

Trip to Greyland

Lyrical text/'poem'. An attempt to describe a half-wake dream, which was very potent. I had it while listening to 'The Solitude' by Draconian.

Fiend of Our Thoughts

Lyrical text/'poem' about things lurking in our minds; infesting them. Something foreign. Not wanted. Where do they come from?

In God We Trust

A man gets to know too much and has to run to save himself from a horrible end. A Homeverse story.