Well... I'm basically your average 20 year old girl who draws and writes. I live in Nebraska and all that good stuff. My work tends to be mostly fantasy, though I draw furry stuff sometimes. My writing isn't so much -fantasy- as it is just kind of historical. ANYWAY! That's not the point. Point is, I draw, and I need a place to put my pictures. I'm not that great, that's why I need a gallery. So people can tell me that I suck and therefore give me the motivation to draw better. =P I've tried doing this with people I know, but they tend to be nice. So please, if you'r gonna write comments about my work, be as brutally honest as possible. If you can't find anything wrong (yeah right) make something up! =P I change my drawing, writing and even handwriting to suit my mood, something you may notice. Oct. 9, 2004 I got rid of crap, added crap... it's getting hard to update, since every time I have to go through all my existing pictures thinking 'Okay, six of you pictures are so bad, you're going to get deleted.' At least, this motivates me to keep higher-quality work on elfwood, but if you're interested in seeing my average, run-of-the-mill crap that I churn out regularly, go check out my DA gallery. May 13, 2005 Like I said, it's hard to update here nowadays. But I did it. Enjoy. May 11, 2006 I'm baaaaack! Look, new things! Say goodbye to a few old things! NOTE: My Wyvern's page is coming back! Look for an updated Untie My Wings as well as the beginning of an all-new ever-depressing story! ALSO: If you need to contact me, please EMAIL ME ( ), Elfwood doesn't always deliver comments to me for some reason.