Sparky Taranto

OK. Bio huh? I have been here for about 1.5 years, and it has taken me about 6 months to actually update this. Still going to school. I think i am going to start putting up some drawings that i have drawn lately but for now, i am going to REALLY fix my story and post a couple of poems and stuff. Thanx for the comments that people have left. Even though some are REALLY criticisamly bad, i am glad someone told me. I will fix it up and up-date ASAP. MY goals and insperations? I like to write about what i dream. I always keep a pad of paper next to my bed, so when i wake up in the morning, i write what i dreamed down so i don't forget any details. It's a good idea. I wanna take some proffesional art classes after i graduate but until then, you are goin to be reading/seeing ny homemade-self taught work...... Enjoy!!

Revange Bites Chapter 1

This story is the way I wanted to live my life. THIS IS MY LIFE!! I have a dull life and I would love to live like this. Oh well. I would be greatful for any comments or if notice something wrong, let me know. ENJOY :)


This is a lead up to a story that i am going to put on. It will a old story i wrote, but a better re-write. enjoy

Final Chapter

This is the ending of my life. I was a little tired when I wrote this but I plan to improve it someday when I have time.

Chapter 2

The continuning of my story.Once again, please leave comments on how i can aporove my life in this story :)