Beth Spindler

Mostly there's just stuff here.  Middle school stuff.  Sad, sad, middle school stuff.  And we all know how much people respect the work of middle-schoolers! The reason I keep these embarassing "gems" up is because sometimes, when my self-efficacy for drawing is low after looking at some of the amazing artists on Elfwood, I like to browse elfwood for the somewhat cruddy or extremely amateur pictures.  They make me feel better about my own amateur and cruddy work.  So, perhaps some artist down on themselves will see these pictures and think, "ha ha, I can do a whole lot better than THAT" and feel inspired again!  Hooray!I'm trying to fill this up with some of my more recent junk.  And now I leave you with a Douglas Adams quote which I like very much: 'I think the idea of art kills creativity.' Good day! Favourite movies MST3K, Star Wars n'stuff