Rea Karjalainen a bit unsocial little creature from Finland with weird sense of humour.She likes:*weird/mythical creatures*all kinds of animals*chocolate*anime/animated movies (Princess Mononoke, Tokyo godfathers, Watership down, Rock&Rule...)* comics (Petshop of horrors, Bone, Elfquest...)*horrormovies (good ones, not teen-stuff)*fantasy (books, movies&games)*roleplaying (in internet)*chinese food*sleep long to the day*cute things*feathers*She´s also become quite fond of surrealistic imagenery and weird animal/plant combos. She´s trying to get into a bit more surrealistic style, but can´t help that she still loves drawing random fantasy-animals from time to time.Visit also her Deviantart-account ( ) for a lot more of stuff. She won´t be updating this page much anymore.*****************************************Updates**10.03.2009*  Well, my EW-account is now full. So I will probably upload stuff mostly to my DA-account from now on, if I won´t want to clean this gallery up. Here´s some never stuff for now, for more, you need to check out DeviantArt ( ). New pictures are: "Spring 2", "Amethyst dragon -portrait", "Green dragon -portrait", "Iksaa -commission", "D´allan and the epic bird" and "Skull deer". Have fun. *29.12.2008* Yeah... My EW-account is becoming quite full, so I won´t probably be updating this much anymore. I have deleted some old stuff, but don´t feel like cleaning up the whole thing so if you want to see more recent stuff from me go to my Deviantart gallery here:  I will probably be a LOT more active there. Here´s still a bit some new stuff: "Different kind of phoenix", "Unillama", "Wild tree", "Foxfire" and a repaint of "Imaginary animal in moonlight".*9.12.2007* Been a lot more active at the DA again, but thought I should try to update my EW-page too. Here´s some never stuff, which you can all find too from my DA-gallery. New pictures are: "Black phoenix", "Random charcoal-kirin", "Moon dance", "Keeping company", "Cute dragon", "In the mist", "Sculpture: Unicornish deer", "Feather" and "Releasing the raven". I uploaded them today, so it may take some time for the pictures to be uploaded to the page. Have a good time.