Sheree Rehema

I'm an artist and aspiring snake breeder with a passion for animals and... well, art!  I have a degree in Animation Art & Design but it's illustration I really enjoy.  I focus mainly (but not just!) on Medusa pieces, taking different snake species and using them as a vehicle for different themed Gorgons.   I'm especially interested in mythological creatures, stories, and symbolism. Each piece is inked by my fiancee and partner KW, and penciled/CG colored by myself.  My influences include mythology, the animal kingdom, D&D, independant comics such as Kabuki, ElfQuest, Dawn, SIP, etc, fantasy novels, loved ones and friends.  My fiancee and I also write a fantasy/sci-fi webcomic called Full Circle and I own and run Blue Gorgon, from where I sell Medusa prints, take commissions, and talk about my passion for Vietnamese Blue Beauty snakes.