Stephanie Rogers

The eccentric drawing fiend of mystery strikes again! I don't often do fanart, but sometimes the mood hits me and there is no going back. The most common fan art themes to hit me are my obsession with Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Inu-Yasha, Labyrinth, and really any other thing that I happen to stumble into deep obsession with. Warning though I do tend to make up my own OC's for most the things I go crazy about so if that sort of thing annoys you I apologize but that's how my mind works =P 04:26:06's been a VERY VERY long time...sorry for the long absences but I really haven't had time to go through the process of getting things updated here. However you are now in for a fabulous haul of pics and in the future if you don't want to wait so long you can head on over to my deviant account Le-Artist-Boheme for a much more frequent update. But for now let the fan art roll!