Steph Salt

Please do visit Anneke Hut's sites, they are well worth a visit and bookmarking for future visits. Your votes on the art contests are always welcome in: The Garden Art Duel SOME OF MY FRIENDS AND FAVOURITE ARTISTS ON ELFWOOD. Alex McMillan Fiona McMillan Michelle M Hyde Mark Ivan Cole Norma A. Peters Gregory L Henle Rik Sattler Trinity Garret Karl Lines Mark Lonsinger Anneke Hut C. H. Christiaan Frederick S. Fudala Meilin Wong William Li Nancy L Timpanelli Katherine J. Grantham Mike Burley Jen 'Sukieo' Bamford Rachel Beaconsfield Gretchen Sveda Anne Hoffer Marika (Mika) Viklund Mart D Chandler Susan Stacey Kate Dawidziak Marley Mcleay Christina Marie Delong AND SOME FAVOURITE PAINTINGS. Skydog by S Lemke I HAVE MET SO MANY WONDERFUL PEOPLE AND ARTISTS SINCE JOINING ELFWOOD, AND I WILL BE ETERNALY GRATEFUL TO THOMAS FOR SHARING HIS WONDERFUL SITE WITH US.  NOW BIT ABOUT MYSELF I'm not young so please don't behave as if your shocked, because it doesn't impress me one little bit, nor do statements like 'your art sucks'. Such statements just get forgotten and deleted, or is that deleted and forgotten? :DI listen to music of all kinds but I can't stand anything even slightly of-key, or you would soon find me running for the door or the off button.  But other than that I just love music! I also adore animals of all kinds but mostly from a distance, not forgetting to give a healthy respect to the dangerous ones!  I'm not afraid to touch snakes, mice, frogs, and pet rats are wonderful my son had one he called Rhubarb, don't ask me why? He now has another that he's given the same name? I do like cats and dogs, and I've had both but I'm more a cat person really I just love their independance. Oh and I also used to read too much :D I live in the UK, in the almost exact centre measuring east to west, and a very long way from any stretch of coast. But we do have some of the most beautiful English scenery right on our doorstep. If you count 17 miles as your doorstep that is. :)Since I have found Elfwood my art has really improved, not that it's that brilliant but I am adicted to it now.. (UPDATED) I am now a ligit artist with an upcoming exhibition in Nottingham UK, and I have 2 years life study under my belt. Please visit my other art gallery at I also enjoy drawing pictures that would not look out of place in a children’s story book, as well as the more adult pictures .My art comes mainly from my imagination, using real and imaginary people.  Though my paintings using real models are by far the better of the two. UPDATED I have been studying lifedrawing at college for 2 years now, so I can now judge my figures and perspective much better. Also my art style has expanded into pastels using colours in a way that I would never of dreamt of doing before.