Hi everybody! (Hi, Dr. Steph!) Okay, everybody's probably really tired of that joke. Anyway, welcome to my little corner of heaven. (Hah.) I like television. And video games. Here, you can see which ones I really like (and am capable of drawing properly!). Mainly my favorites are: Inu-Yasha Futurama (Go Adult Swim!!) DBZ (though you won't see any of that here, there's quite enough at Elfwood) Final Fantasy VIII Reboot!(It was THE COOLEST when I was a kid)Assorted other cartoons/animes And of course, the greatest of the old school: X-Men, Thunder-cats, etc. I do have something to say to all you Inu-Yasha fans out there: be judicious with your comments. I am not a 'shipper, and I don't like those who are; any comments like 'Kikyou sucks!' or 'InuYasha belongs with Kikyou and Kagome is a !!!!!' won't last long (I welcome other comments, of course). To me, part of the show's appeal is InuYasha's conflict between the two women; it's not that one is good and one is bad, they're both important aspects of the show. Also, these comments don't have anything to do with MY art, which sounds selfish, but that is the purpose of the comment system. So, you, all you fanatic 'shippers! (For those who are unaware of what a 'shipper is, Google 'Fan Dictionary' and you'll get it.) That said, I'm glad you came! I'm so lazy, it won't be often that there are updates . . . but there will be, I promise! If you like/dislike something about my art (other than aforementioned concepts) please tell me! P.S. If you like what you see, visit my Loth Gallery! Much more interesting crap there! (03/30/04): Uploaded some pictures today. I have to dig out a few older FFVIII ones to fill out the gallery, but I'll publish soon. Working on Kagome and Kikyou portraits. (11/12/04) Well, it's been a long time. I have been very busy with work and school - now I have a job working in a lab in the biology department. With fruit flies. Every freaking day. Anyway, the few things I've done between March and now are posted.