Sean Seal

I studied art and received my art degree from Indiana Wesleyan University. I have a wife, Amy, and three children, Corban and twin girls Hannah and Lillian. I have a day job working for a monument company, Huron Granite Works. I got into this line of work by doing etchings on headstones. It just progressed into a full time gig. I like it and enjoy working with the stone. Some of my favorite creative things to do when I have time is build web sites, paint and draw. Most of my fantasy art is inspired by books I've read or movies I've seen. Tolkein, C.S. Lewis, and more contemporary author Stephen Lawhead are a few of the authors I draw upon for inspiration. I don't really market my work at this point and was hoping to get involved with some other folks who enjoy art and can offer constructive feedback and support. Maybe it will help me do more art for the fun of it, not necessarily for profit.