Suzanne Moss

This is going to be another one of those boring BIO's where the writer ends up feeling odd over talking about herself so much, especially after the hole third person thing. I feel weird making myself sound cool. So I left any of that out. Because of thise I may sound like I have the personality of a rock but I don't. I'm a very outgoing, funny, sarcastic,loveable person. I'm friendly and children love me. See, this is sounding like one of those adopt-a-something foundation adds. . .Now for only 12 dollars a month you can help me get a good education and some new clothes . .*Pouts adorably* Sorry. Any way here it goes: I'm a seventeen year old artist. I've ben drawing for a long time. I draw all sorts of art in many styles. I do favor fantasy art. I started drawing for fun. My step sister and I would create our own superheros and write stories about them. I found that I was good at it and I have continued to draw. I have a large and creative imagination. Life and love inspires me. I also do some painting and recently I have started in photo manipulation. I plan on becoming an actress after my graduation, but I would also like to persue a career in video game character design. I may add more here later as it comes to me. If you have any questions feel free to post them under my art. Wow you stayed to read this long? Sweet. Hey. . is . . that . . drool?? Dude, you're drooling on your key board . . Hey, wake up!