Stacey Tippin

Kids, cats, and artwork...these three things seem to sum up this chapter in my life . I started 'arting' at a very young age, and have continued with it ever since. By combining inspirational themes with imagination, my work can best be described as light romantic fantasy. My deep Christian faith always tempers what I create, and I always try to reflect this in my work. While I love to explore different mediums, the majority of my work is rendered in Prismacolor pencils and Prismacolor markers, which is why you'll see me so often use the term "Prisma painting". Much of my inspiration is drawn from the works of Bob Giadrosich and Amy Brown, and I can only hope to one day be as half as creative as these two greats. When not found drawing, I can usually be spotted curled up in a corner with a cat in my lap, a book in my hands, and a mug of hot coffee close by.