Pedestal Guy

I would prefer this bio to be flashy with lots of html and drop down link menues so that people could easily go places and learn things here. I have been informed that if I wish to do that I should get my own site. Since it is much easier to just follow the rules here than to go off and find some place on my own I'll obey the powers that be. If you want stories I can give you some. Read them all except Jim 2. That one is horible. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is for Tim's 100'th comment,damb him In a bar very small at the corner of townWhere the people played ping pong and pool,A girl named Hanna James was foundWith a surfboard just looking cool. She sat quite content with a smile on her faceAs she stared at an aqueous lamp,But she got excited and pulled out a maceAnd smashed the light into the damp. This excitement's to blame for losing her noseTo the one of Muffinly fameIn a K killing contest I posted some proseAnd that appendage is now in my claim. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nice Bulleted Links   Muffin Person who got me on elfwood. Bunny First Commenter. There's also a link to me on her site. Gabs Gave a link And put me on a tour. (She disapeared so both are gone now.) Henrik Put me on a tour that's still up. Tim Schein Gave me a link after a long and arduous journey of html learning. Cecily 'SLWS' Webster Gave me a link. (It's gone though.). K Gave me a link (when she had an elfwood site. It now appears to be missing.) C. 'Liari' Seidel Gave me a link because of Jim. (Follow her sugestion and read it.) Hanna It is on. Emma-Jane C. Smith Apparently doesn't know me very well but felt like giving me a link.             If I don't know what I'm talking about, I have no idea what I'm saying.     When smashing monuments, save the pedestals -- they always come in handy.-- Stanislaw J. Lem, "Unkempt Thoughts" This is a memorial to fonts gone passed, may they rest in peace. Comment From The Writer: table style='filter:glow(color= darkolivegreen), shadow'

Money Planet 1

A planet is entirely based upon the idea of currency. I like the fact that I finaly wrote it down. I especcially like the ending.

Magic Parasite

The real Jim 2

Jim 2

DO NOT READ THIS!!! Well, maybe you can now... It's been edited somewhat.

Saving the Princess

A hero goes off to slay the dragon and save the princess.

Magic Parasite 2, Jim 3

Jim gets over his problem.

Executioners Lament

Poem about a depressed executioner

Jim the Immortal Goat

Jim the goat becomes immortal

Runic Poems One

Poems on the first AEtt of the runic alphabet

Heimdal's AEtt

Poems on the runes in Heimdal's AEtt

Schrodinger's were-puma

Why shouldn't I transform into a puma?