The Angler

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Kim Schoonover

At last, after years of warring... She, the Angler, the leader of the Dark Side, the winner of two Elfies for Most Lethal Elfwooder, was the only one left. Perched on the grave of her fallen archnemesis, the Fork Master, she can at last revel in the fact that all of her enemies have perished... as have her muses. The grave marker with the angler fish on it marks the final resting place of her most recent muse, an angler fish named Algernon. Cookie was the lady who took over the leadership of the KAGS (Kill Angler Good Squad) after the disappearance and death of the Fork Master, before she finally gave up the fight and called for a truce, which the Angler grudgingly agreed to. However, as a result, several very unhappy Dark Siders killed Cookie out of spite for ending the Great War of Elfwood, shortly after. This was attempt #2 at drawing Megan... these are completely different reincarnation of the Angler, by the way... this one was born after I killed the other one ('Destroyer of Worlds') for what she did to my cat... the fur trim on that cloak she's wearing in that one is just like the coat of a certain large, fluffy ginger cat that went by the name 'Garshau'... you can guess what happened. May 10, 2007 Acrylics on canvas board

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