Well, I am currently a gradute student in astronomy.  I enjoy drawing -- art clases were always my favorites, next to math and science classes. I also like to tell stories -- the only reason I hated English clases up until high school was they forced us to do busy work (not grammar -- I liked grammar lessons. But fill-in-the-blank worksheets on books and writing exercises that seemed to have no point).  I've been writing for far longer -- I don't remember when I got started in that, but when I got into anime in late high school/ early college, that brought me into contact with amatuer artists and webcomicers. And I started to think that, hey, I could do this. You can still see that my work is heavily anime-influenced, though I try to add non-anime elements to my style. I hate the fact that some artists seem to assume that all anime-style artwork is garbage. I also hate the fact that some anime artists seem to assume that being able to draw exactly like Naoko Takenouchi, Akira Toriyama or CLAMP makes them gods among men, or that some other style (Western comic- book art comes to mind) is inferior to the majesty that is anime and manga. I would love to take more art classes -- I know my skill at drawing the human figure (even stylistically deformed) needs work. And, well, as much as I love my schooling, I would love to have more time to draw and more time to write and just generally more time. I like writing, drawing, anime, manga, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, crochet, conlanging, astronomy Favourite movies Babylon 5, Firefly, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Vision of Escaflowne, Fullmetal Alchemist, Slayers, Star Trek Favourite books the Miles Vorkosigan series and other Lois McMasters Bujold books, the Dresden Files, Discworld, the Kin of the Stars series, the Deed of Paksenarron, practically anything by Elizabeth Bear