Welcome to my gallery! I am an aerospace major in Massachusetts, USA. As you can probably see, I love aircraft and monsters.  I do have an obsession with keeping things realistic and plausible, and I hope it shows in my work. To keep things clear here are brief descriptions of some of the many storylines my pictures come from. Chimera A story about genetic engineering, forgiveness and the true meaning of responsibility.Alliance Alien species unite to stop an ancient race from purging the galaxy of life.Near Future Not exactly a story, just aircraft and intrigue of the year 2020.Entropy A surrealistic tale of the end of the universe.Metaphor The collective dreams of the universe. Filled with jetdemons, mournful gods, and burning red trees.     I make most of my artwork with pencil, ink, micron pens, colored pencil, Prismacolor marker, and Photoshop.     I have a deviantart account (  I update my elfwood gallery as soon as I get at least five complete pieces, otherwise I'd drive the mods crazy even more than I already do.  My art is uploaded to deviantart as soon as it's done, so more things may be availible to see there.     So a lot of people have asked about my writing.  I'm still an amateur at literature, but if you want to see more worldbuilding info and stories check out my livejournal at     I have a few requests concerning the use of my art.  Basically, don't make money off it.  Don't sell it or use it to promote something you sell.  If you do want to use my art to display on the internet, please email me about it and provide a link back to my own work, I would like to see what I've inspired.  I don't really care if you use it for your own fun (like games with friends or saving it to your computer), or if you learn from it to make your own art (blatent tracing will only hurt yourself).      I also want to say thank you to all you wonderful people that enjoy and comment on my art.  I sometimes forget to comment back or answer questions. Email me if you have a pressing question and I'll try to answer it.