Sarah Taylor

Hello there!    I don't draw much fanart so  this gallery will probably  be more sketchy and smaller than my Sci-fi/Fantasy gallery.  You might want to check that out for better and more frequently updated pictures. I can't justify to myself spending a lot of time on characters that aren't my own, so there'll be mostly sketches and speedpaints here.       When I was little I was a big fan of Saturday morning cartoons, like Beast Wars, Batman and Superman, Big Guy and Rusty, Godzilla, and anything else with explosions and monsters.  You'll probably see that reflected here.  Those shows were probably one of my greatest influences art wise (for good or bad) and I like to revisit them every so often.  I've also started reading comics, mostly Hellboy and the Sandman, so maybe they'll pop up in here eventually.  Doctor Who, Star Trek, Full Metal Alchemist, and Avatar the Last Airbender are also quickly becoming some of my favorite shows (actually I always was a trekkie but some of my friends bought the full series of TNG so I'm falling in love with it again).Hope you enjoy!