Ying and Yang Inverted

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Stephanie Taylor

I was messing around on the computer with my Ying and Yang picture, and I thought that this was pretty cool, so I decided to put it up on elfwood for all to see. ^_^ This DOES have something to do with my story, Poison Ivy, but, I'm not telling you... Yet.  O.o  Some of you may recognise the white dragon; Yang, to be Drake's 'other-self' but as for the black dragon... well thats just a secret. Yes, so this is on A3 paper, I've been working on that a lot recently... O.o  and its in coloured pencil crayons and black fine liner. BUT on this one, I inverted the colours using a computer program. This is NOT the original. I will repeat what it says around the drawing just in case you can't read it, and so that people can begin to understand about Ying and Yang, and how they are NOT good and evil. So... Ying and Yang. The concept of Ying and Yang originates in ancient Chinese philosophy and metaphysics, which describes two primal opposing but complementary forces found in all things in the universe. Ying, the darker element, is passive, dark, feminine, downward seeking, and corroponds to the night. Yang, the brighter element, is active, light, masculine,  upward seeking, and corrosponds to the day. Ying is often symbolised with water, whilst Yang is often symbolised by fire. The concept is a fundemental principle of traditional Chinese medicine. Ying and Yang are complimentary opposites rather than absolutes. Yang means 'sunny' and Ying means 'shady' corrosponding to day and night. The circular symbol in this picture shows Taijitu, which is a way to show Ying and Yang. The white areas are Yang and the black areas are Ying. Each side however, contains a seed of the other, In this diagram, the seed is the eyes of the dragons. Ying and  Yang are equally important and should NOT be refered to as good vs. evil. Ying and Yang must be equal and opposite in the universe for things to stay 'normal' and function correctly, when unbalences occur, thats when things go array in the world. Ying and Yang are interdependent, meaning one cannot 'be' without the other. And although they are opposites, they are drawn to one another. Ying and Yang need each other, but are complete opposites of one another, they control the universal changes.

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