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Chelsea Stebar

This is Krepe. He lives in my closet. Well, actually, he lives in a secret crawl space in the wall behind a little door in my closet, if you want to be specific about it. You see, I found him sneaking through the hallways one morning at about 6:00 A.M. as I was getting ready for seminary. He jumped out from behind a door, baring his teeth in an attempt to frighten me. Having just woken up, I was still pretty bleary and I just stared at him for a bit. My eyes went from his furry feet to his grinning face which was towering about two feet above mine. I had had suspicions that there was something living in my closet, but I'd never actually encountered him until this point. Then, I noticed something sticking out of his pocket. I demanded that he hand over whatever he was carrying, figuring he was probably up to some mischief. He hesitated, then reluctantly pulled out a book of matches and handed it to me.'What on earth are you doing with these?' I asked, still sleepy. But he didn't answer. (He's actually mute, but I didn't know that at the time.) 'You shouldn't be out here right now. What if someone saw you?'Finally giving up on trying to scare me, he let his fanged smile fade away to be replaced by a rather moody look like that of a teenager getting lectured by his parents. 'Go on,' I insisted.Krepe glared at me, but obeyed. He slunk back through my room and into my closet, where he pushed opened his little door and clambered back into his lair, closing the door behind him. Nowadays, Krepe only comes out at night or when no one's home...usually. Every once in a while, I catch him lighting matches and I have to take them away from him before he sets anything on fire, and he occasionally wanders out when he's not supposed to, and he complains about living in the closet - or at least, he did until he tried living in the forest (you can read about that in my Wyvern's gallery, if you want) - but other than that, he's not too much trouble. graphite

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