S. S. K. Marbach

= update october 2008 = *** NEW and COOL ;-) : since many of my pictures are inspired by music, i tried to track them down on youtube and enclosed a link to the pictures. this will enable you to listen to the song in another window, while looking at the picture, so you can have more of an idea what brought me to do the particular picture. (please note that i am NOT responsible for any contains of the links - i merely show you a way to listen to the songs.)* i am currently uploading quite some photographs. several drawings are about to follow soon:) so come back and check them out:)!* i am watermarking some of my pieces, so please do excuse me for uploads which are the same old paintings;-)**********************************************************************************************hello there and welcome, fellow traveller:) i'm glad you found your way to my fantasy gallery! i've joined elfwood in the year 2001, that was around the time i started to concentrate more into fantasy art. i do loads of other art things, too, but that doens't belong in here. i get my inspirations mostly from music (such as irish folk, gothic and medieval, ayreon, classical and goa / psychedelic trance, to name a few), from some dreams i had and from fairy tales and all the movies that concern them (you can also take a look to my fanquarter gallery!). my mind is often very far away dreaming around somewhere in some far away lands, so this is my way of telling its 'stories'. everything i draw is done out from my imagination - i never use some models or model pictures or such, and that is probably also a mistake - since i just can't improve only drawing that way. i also have very little patience with working out details, so with most of my pictures i just had the urge to put down my feelings and as long as i feel they come across the paper to the viever i am happy with my work. i love trying out all sorts of medias for my art and also love combining them. photography has been taking a big part of it too lately since i have the possibility to lend a digital camera from my father every once in a while. for big photo shootings it's just the best thing (i never thought that i'd ever say this, since i'm such a phreak of my "regular" minolta camera:)!). so i'm thinking about getting myself a digicam too to be able to work more with it since i have loads of ideas in my mind i want to realize. another challenge would also be to figure out how to work with some photo programs since i know that way i could realize much more ideas i've got stuck in here. but i'll need to find a tutor, first;-). please feel free to comment on any of my work - indeed, i'd love you to:)!!! constructive critisism is very important to me as i can learn a lot from it, so, feel free to tell me whatever runs around your mind when watching my stuff, or anything else you'd like to share:)! (please also think about my commentless ones - these poor fellows, some of them are my favourites and have no single comment:(...) i wish you lots of fun wandering around. love, peace and happiness shall come your way;-) ***********************************************************************************************