S. S. K. Marbach

welcome fellow wanderer:) i'm happy you found your way to my fanquarter area. these things in here are mainly inspired by fantasy games such as 'king's quest' (which i - thankfully - grew up with:)!!!) and fantastic fairy tale movies, mostly the czech ones which i feel are the cutest and best ones ever made... one of my weak points is that i have little patience when it comes to concentrate on details. so the reason of making all of these pictures was mainly to put down the feelings i have when thinking about that specific character, and i am quite happy with that point. please feel free to comment on my work - feelings you got when watching it, constructive critisism... anything you'd like to share:)! please do also take a trip to my elfwood fantasy gallery:)! i wish you lots of fun wandering around. love, peace and happiness shall come your way;-)