S. Wilson

I'm just an overworked Cartooning major working through college. And harbors quite a few obsessions, currently 21. (so old) I use photoshop CS and Open Canvas for my CG stuff, I also use prisma, Tria and copic markers. I use 'ZIG' pigment pens and Borden & Railey 'bleed-proof' paper. Thanks to everyone who has ever left a comment or e-mailed me! I appreciate the support! I'm always happy to answer questions, especially art related ones. Let me make a point of saying I don’t care if you don’t like the couples I draw. Freedom of artist expression and all that jazz, I don’t expect everyone to like my work or its subject matter. Hi I like gay things! Note if you plan to insult or flame me please do so in coherent English. ^_^ LinksMy Deviant art account best place to see my newest work. My current online tutorials My official gallery My Naruto/Sasuke fandom collection December. 2004- updates? I hope so!