Stephanie Krutsick

Well, I sort of noticed that it was a bit pointless to have the same biography both here and at my Fantasy Art gallery, so, if you want to read the big, long one, just look to your right and click on the correct link. Ahhh... a nice big white space on the info page to fill up... Basically this gallery is for the fandom musings of me, a 24 year old actress and video game customer service representative with things she should be doing instead of playing around.   But I play anyway.Hey, some people call it being lazy, I call it 'following my bliss'. *grin* So I read, I draw, I watch movies, I play World of Warcraft, I poke around on various websites, mostly involving cynical political humour and whatnot.The art here is all older, with the most recent being 2000, I believe.  Someday I'll do fanart again. :) Erm, I'll be quiet now.