6/05/06: Holyheck, I haven't updated my page for three years. That borders on Really, Really Sad. Or Really, Really, Really Sad. Whichever you prefer.Stuff to know about me: -I'm a 20-year-old (somewhat eccentric) college student majoring in the biological sciences-- I love bacteria, bugs, and birds.-I have cystic fibrosis, which I blame for my horrible sense of humor. I'm a walking nosocomial biohazard and I love every minute of it.-Did I mention that I laugh at the drop of a hat?-Reading, music, and videogames keep me sane. I love a good story.-I draw (read: scribble), write, and fold more origami than you'd care to know.-I'm shy and have the social skills God gave to lettuce. If I don't reply to your email right away, this is why.-COFFEE. ICE CREAM. SUSHI. The end. I'm known around the internet as Aubrey Osiris, Nevhkah, or Evanescence; the latter name has nothing to do with the band. Please don't heckle me. It makes me crave cookies. D: Note: For more artstuff, stop by my DeviantART gallery. I'm much more active over there these days. Have a nice day and please keep off the microorganisms.