Amanda Sterling

Hey. I'm Phyrbyrd, I'm an ice phoenix. Never heard of ice phoenix? We make the Aurora Borealis. Cross me and I'll flash-freeze ya. OK, now, who am I really? My name is Amanda Sterling, call me Dana if you want to, I'm a twenty-one-year-old Taurus cusping on Gemini if you believe all that stuff which frankly I don't - it's a load of bull (ha!). I live in England with my mother, my collection of Strange Things, a top hat and my eternal obsession with dramatism, stage make-up, vampires and all things feline. I'm arrogant, dramatic, cynical and I can't tolerate stupid people at all. It's probably a good thing that my boyfriend's a lot more intelligent than me - he can keep me from getting too superior. I write things, mostly, but when I've got writer's block, or when I want to visualise one of my characters, I draw. Enjoy.

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