Soul of the Dragon - Kayaice

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KAYAICE and THE DRAGON – Kayaice’s background is largely unknown; he seems to be in his late teens, perhaps twenty at the most. His only known history is that for most if not all of his life he was raised isolated from others under the wing of Lord Garan. In temperament, Kayaice is withdrawn and quiet, preferring to stay on the fringes and watch others. Once he leaves Garan, he is closest to the Warriors and the Princess – especially Hiko – but ‘close’ is a severe overstatement. When he says something, it is usually important in some form or another, and should not be brushed aside. He has little tolerance for rank. Kayaice does not trust easily nor completely. He has been betrayed once and has no desire to repeat the experience. Kayaice is plain powerful. He is no slouch in hand-to-hand combat and has extremely potent psychic and magical abilities at his beck-and-call. This is very problematic as he begins the story as a servant to a traitor. In combat, he is calculating and efficient, but moral.* He will not attack a non-combatant nor allow them to be in the line of fire. Unfortunately, if he A: is in danger of losing his life, or B: attempts to access his more powerful magics, the Dragon will awaken. The Dragon is in appearance an older, larger, darker version of Kayaice. Where Kayaice’s hair is silver-white and his eyes are ice blue, the dragon’s hair is the color of polished steel and his eyes are glacial blue. Physically the dragon has an aura of agelessness. He is about a head or a head and a half taller than Kayaice, broader in the shoulders although relatively speaking just as slender – neither shows their strength in their physical build.** He is also ruthless and amoral. His priorities are the welfare of Kayaice, victory, and honor, in that order. It is debatable whether or not Kayaice and the Dragon actually share a body; Kayaice seems unaware of what occurs when the Dragon is in control, but the reverse is not true.*** Injuries and recovery do not carry over between Kayaice and the Dragon. *To quote, “I prefer a moral man to an honorable one. An honorable man won’t shoot an opponent in the back. A moral one waits for a clean shot.” **And man is the shift tough on poor Kayaice’s clothes. He really looks pitiable when he shifts back. :-P ***This is debatable – the first time he shifts, he in fact speaks to the Dragon. However, he cannot recall the incident later. Yeah, yeah, I know, I know, corny, over-used idea... oh well. ^_^ I think it has potential, but that's me. An interesting side note: the origins of Kayaice's character design come from a sketch I made during Spanish class during my sophomore year, two years before the story idea came to me. I don't have a picture of the Dragon that I really like at this point in time - I don't really trust my artistic skills enough to take a shot at him. Don't worry, I'll get around to it at some point. As ever - comment and critique!

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