Steven J. Brown

OK - AN UPDATE : Lemme see, I'm in summer vacation right now, and I'm enjoying it WAY too much. I should really go out and look for a job, cuz... money.... need.... heheh. How I use to draw: I usually just start w/soft pencil...and... it usually doesn't get much further than that :) If I'm feeling ambitious, I'll ink it, or maybe try watercolours. Recently, I've tried colouring on the computer! I like this mainly because there's an 'undo' - heh ;) How I draw now: In a word: TABLET. =) I cannot recommend one of these things enough. I didn't have enough money to buy anything but the cheapest one, but it's still worth it. Trust me. Updates to this gallery will be slow for a few reasons: school, I don't have a scanner of my own yet, and... well, I guess I'll just be honest about it: I'm lazy. =) Anyways, here's my stuff! Comment if you like, I like constructive crticism! After all, every artist wants to improve. Thx a lot, and I hope you enjoy your stay!