Stephen Cox

A self proclaimed student of art in the sense that every time he picks up a pencil, he learns something new. Institution not being necessary to be a student, Stephen has no formal art education or training and is mostly self-taught. Keeping to certain beliefs in regards to art on how one gets from a blank page to an expression of ones self. One such beleif is that the lines are already on the paper, you simply need to point them out. There are no real straight lines, and there is nothing more mocking then the blank page. He also beleives the only real way to find an error in a drawing is to finish it. Stephen finds inspiration from all aspects of his life, whether it be... music, family, friends, or simply watching human behavior all around him. Co-owner of an Art Studio/Game Development company with fellow Elfwood artist Mark Symanski (a big part of his fantasy/sci-fi inspiration). Mark is what motiviated him to gain an interest in most of what you see here. All pieces are available as quality prints, mouse pads, t-shirts, etc. Stephen does do commissioned pieces, and requests, and is always interested in art trades. You can email him at the address provided regarding prices and for any other information. Thank you for visiting his gallery and feel free to drop a line, as criticism is what feeds knowledge. Constructive only please!