Steve Doyle

“If you would not be forgotten as soon as you are dead & rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing.” —Benjamin Franklin I like to collaborate with photographers and visual artists to combine my poetry with their work and enter shows. Sometimes I'll write something to go with a drawing or photo, sometimes a visual artist will want to illustrate something I've written. Feel free to do that, just share your work with me, too. I have also done commissioned works for people to give as gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, etc. Once a poem is matted and framed it usually makes a good presentation, especially when paired up with visual artwork. I have actually won awards at art shows for such work. I have had one poem published in an anthology and intend at some point to produce a couple of my own books. Favourite music Anything by the Moody Blues

The Lion and the Bear

This is a Christmas present for my friend Saana from Finland. Sisu is a uniquely Finnish term defined as a special strength and persistent determination; a resolve to continue and overcome in the moment of adversity…an almost magical quality, a combination of stamina, perseverance, courage, and determination held in reserve for hard times.

The Last Patron of the Black Dragon

This is the story of a fairly confused old man who can't seem to figure out just where (when) he is.

The Note in the Bottle

This has basis in an actual event. The Mary Celeste was a ship that embarked from New York to Italy in 1872. She was later found completely seaworthy but without a soul aboard. For more on this see:

The Sound from the Attic

This is a ghost story.

My Mistake

This story is from the perspective of the ghost of a suicide. Though short, it is meant to be an emotionally powerful story.

The Scaring

Typical frustrated ghost, having a little trouble with a scaring. He's no Casper, though.

The Farmer in the Field

Typical story of the little old lady vs. the big bad bank.

The Game

It's only a game, right? I mean the pieces don't really care what happens on the board. Do they?

The Lawn

This is about a man who hears ghostly voices in his head. They belong to his father and grandfather. They're toying with him.

Destruction of a Vampire

A Vatican Librarian documents the annihilation of a vampire on the island of Chios in Greece.

Bad Blood

The good doctor must choose between two evil forces.

The Memory Preservation Project

This is my contribution to James Bowers Project #6 - Artificial Intelligence.

The Devil's Dance

On August 19, 1692 five 'witches' were hanged on Gallows Hill in Salem, MA. One of them was a former Minister of Salem Village. People were convinced that with him, they had captured the leader of the local witches.

The Apple

One little apple...

The Birth of Pegasus

This is a sequel to 'Minerva's Curse' Check out the illustration by Ramona C. Bogott, Pegasus' Birth

End of the War

Inspired by this pic of which my friend is the subject, this is an attempt to explain the evil that exists in the world

End of Days

This is my idea of the Armageddon of the Greek gods.

The Forgotten

Someone said you never really die until everyone has forgotten that you lived...

The Floridian Fountain

In 1531 Juan Ponce de Leon was killed by Calusa Indians as he explored Southern Florida. Rumor has it that he searched for the Fountain of Youth. He never found it, but what if...

The Hubble Returns

Since Mars is so close, I wanted to write something about the red planet.

A Leprechaun's Tale

This is 'An Irish Tale' from the point of view of the Leprechaun. I think it's funnier than the original. Elfwood artist Richard Svensson has created an illustration for this poem, called The Leprechaun. Check it out!

Flowers for the Forgotten

This sequel to 'The Forgotten' was inspired by some of its comments...

Final Victory

When I read the Catharist belief that procreation is Satan's work and shouldn't be practiced I started thinking: What if everyone adopted that belief and no more children were born? Ultimately... Notes Information concerning Catharist beliefs came from The Medieval Source Book. The xenophongroup provided the history of the Albigensian Crusades.

The Headless Horseman

This particular piece of the story never made the Disney movie.

Martian Note Translated!

This is the hidden meaning behind the note in 'The Hubble Returns'. This will probably make more sense if you read that one first.

Minerva's Curse

Inspired by some pictures of Medusa that I've seen around here.

The Pasture

This story is based on actual testimonials that contributed to the murder by hanging of several people accused of witchcraft in Salem in 1692.

Run Little Stick Men

This was inspired by a drawing my friend Crymson-Rayne drew a while ago, which can be viewed here


This poem about the famous winged horse was written at the request of my friend Laura.

War's Minions

A shanachie is someone whose job is to record the deeds of heroes. A good one will know all the major combatants on both sides of a battle.

An Irish Tale

This is the story of a fellow who comes across a leprechaun. If caught, the leprechaun has to grant 3 wishes and reveal the secret location of his pot of gold.


The narrator of this little story is the ghost of a fourteen year old girl.

Beyond the Black Mirror

The rest of the story of "The Black Mirror".

The Black Mirror

A butler explains what happened when his employer dabbled in the "black arts".

The Magic Lamp

Typical genii in a bottle story. Written The Herscher Project #11 'Careful what you wish for...'

A Ghost

This is about as close as I get to writing 'romance'.

The Autopsy

Classic story of differing points of view. Someone is obviously failing to understand the situation. But who?

The Football Game

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to go all the way to the game...


This was written for the 130th anniversary of the Gettysburg Address November 19, 1863. In attendance are 2 very special delegates - Thomas Jefferson (1743-1825) & Benjamin Franklin(1706-1790) - they're concerned about their country during this time of civil conflict, and have appeared to hear what President Lincoln has to say...

I Miss

This is a vampiric poem of love.

The Mischievous Child Wind

One windy day, I was working and the wind kept blowing paperwork all over the room. It seemed to be doing it on purpose...

Werewolf Waiting

Oh, those late night walks in the woods!