Michael Davies

I keep on forgetting to update this thing and I thought that it desperately needed doing when someone commented on my only having been drawing anime for just a couple of months, unfortunately that was taken from my bio which had not been updated in about 8 or 9 months so here it is updated once again! I have been drawing all my life, but it was only about 15 months or so ago that I started taking my drawing skills seriously and I started to work hard at what I believed that I was good at and I have improved greatly since then. I've been drawing anime / manga for about a year now and I'm finally starting to feel confident and somewhat proud of what I do, even though I'm convinced that I am capable of much much more. Maybe in a year's time I will look back on what I've done now and think of how much I've improved since that just like I do now, until I hit a peak with my artwork I will keep on working to improve myself. For anyone who wants advice on their artwork and how they can improve I'm always happy to help and I'm always eager to make new friends too! I love comments and I will always visit the galleries of those who provide commentage! ^_^